I was unexpectedly entranced – caught up in a moment of reverie. Tired and a bit listless, I sat on my back bench, preparing to go out to the studio to do more grinding. Head hung down, elbows on knees, my gaze drifted to the floor. Resting there, I was caught up in the convoluted, intertwined floral pattern on the rug below. Round and round and back again, I followed the nesting patterns with my eyes. My shoulders slowly relaxed as I gradually unwound. I felt calm, alert, alive… and I had an idea. The Wallflowers were born.

From mandalas to sandpainting to Arabesque mosaics, there is a long tradition of using repeating patterns to focus the mind, aid meditation, and symbolize the cyclical nature of the universe. These works are my contribution to that tradition.

Cut out of steel and hand-painted for a complex, layered surface, my intention is to create unique symbols of change and renewal. I hope you find them captivating, beautiful, and a little mysterious, moments of reverie popping up in your life. Like a flower blooming unexpectedly in the heavily shaded forest floor, they are ephemeral and timeless at once.

Works available for immediate purchase can be found in my Etsy shop. Or Contact Me to discuss special orders.