Bending a Rod ’round and ’round

I’m making some excellent progress on the sculpture I shared in the Evolution of a Sketch post earlier this week.  It’s funny how surprised I often am in the execution of a piece… I have a design on hand and in mind, yet when it actually comes to making it, an unexpected world opens up.




What I come to create is both familiar and yet utterly new.

Really, it’s quite a wonderful, and terrifying, thing.

One detail I thought I’d share as well… I often find myself doing things like the image below.


That’s a 1/2″ solid round rod curled around like a little piggy’s tail.  The hole in the middle is around 3″ across, and this was done cold (as in, the metal was not heated up to make it more pliable) by hand.  It’s the only way to get the natural curves I want… but is it any wonder my arms hurt?