Duluth Trip, a Fellow Artist and Glitches

Last weekend the whole family took a short trip up to the Park Point Art Fair in Duluth.  We were a little anxious after seeing the massive flooding there on the news, but after confirming our campsite was dry and the show was still on, we loaded into the truck and hit the road.  The sun finally came out on Sunday and I snagged Best in Show, so all-in-all the weekend wasn’t too bad.

I really want to pass along the link to a new painter I met while there, Andy Fletcher.  He makes quietly beautiful landscapes, still-life poems of rural Wisconsin.  They are charming and very affecting.

And you may have noticed a few glitches on the site.  Mainly, if you try to open up the page of a selected sculpture you may instead be directed back to the homepage.  We’re working on it and hopefully soon things will be ship-shape.