Mini Sculptures – Artifacts

I’ve decided to call this new series the Artifacts.  They are simply captivating little pieces you want to pick up, turn over in your hands and speculate on.  Are they natural?  Fashioned by human hands?  They feel as if they’ve just been pulled out of the black soil of the land… what can be more exciting than that?!

Here’s a shot of what I have so far, in various states of creation.  In general I work on a single sculpture at a time until it’s complete.  But that pattern is falling apart here.  I find myself jumping around, starting a new idea quickly before it escapes – just playing around with the possibilities of the new scale.

Because these are a combination of mild and Cor-ten steel, they are for indoor display and will need a finish of some type.  I’ll have to begin some experiments soon to work out a patina I’m happy with.  Luckily, I have some ideas already.

A title I had considered for these were Blue Collar Sculptures, inspired by a series of knives by master bladesmith Burt Foster.  The idea is to find a way to make quality work accessible to those who want to make it a part of their lives.  For people who don’t live in a museum, but still recognize the life-enhancing value of living with great art, these are for you.  My goal is to keep them between $3-500 dollars.  Take it from someone who’s seen a lot of work over the years, in quality and price these will not be beat.