Good art improves the quality of your life. It’s just that simple.

It is difficult to fully convey the complexity of my work in a website format. If you are interested in a specific sculpture, higher resolution images as well as additional views are available.

Depending on the location, I will gladly deliver and install larger works in person. Payment plans are available. I’m also a big fan of barter, precious metals, or try and turn me on to bitcoin…

Contact Information



Elaboration III $1,800
Elaboration II $1,250
Elaboration $1,250
Dendrite $9,000
Fenestra $18,500
Genesis Sold
Truncation III $4,000
Florette II $18,000
Truncation $6,500
Helios Emergent Sold
Unfolding Grace III Sold
Recurve Torsion IV Sold
Recurve Torsion III Sold
Unfolding Grace II Sold
Thor’s Hammer Sold
Recurve Torsion II Sold
Radial Conversion III Sold
Guardian Sold
Radial Conversion II Sold
Flowing Landscape Sold
Threshold $16,000
Radial Conversion Sold
Standing Knife Edge $15,000
Unfolding Grace Sold
Growing Fracture Sold
Athena $15,000
Triple Mace Sold
Florette Sold
Recurve Torsion Sold
Dryad IV Sold
Primordium II Sold
Conception Sold
Helios Rising Sold
Luna $8,500
Crescendo $11,000
Flower Sold
Rosette Sold
Orion $26,000
Nighthawk Sold
Concurrence Sold
Portal Sold
Accretion V $5,500
Accretion IV Sold
American Lotus $18,000
Daphne Sold
Cathedral Sold
Deucalion Arch Sold
Origin Sold
Generation Sold
Kubrick Sold
Mercury Sold
Still-life $15,000
Vestal Ladder Sold



Nexus $40,000
Agamemnon $12,000
Ascension Sold
Like Clockwork Sold
Daedalus $9,500
Dionysus $11,000
Fractured Daemon Sold
Hephaestus Fallen $22,000
Organization $85,000
Seed $22,000
Seed II Sold
Sprouten Sold
Triple Spark Sold



Relic Sold
Relic II Sold
Relic III Sold
Relic IV $8,000
Relic V Sold
Relic VI Sold
Relic VII Sold
Relic VIII $8,500
Relic IX Sold
Relic X Sold
Relic XI Sold
Relic XII Sold



Daemon Cairn Sold
Hunger Cairn Sold
Penitent Cairn Sold
Rebel Cairn Sold
Trembling Cairn Sold


Hands & Arcs

Gyrloop: Generation Sold
New Dawn $18,000
Tessellation II Sold
Loop II Sold
Loop Sold
Korean Dawn Sold
Ascending Arcs Sold
Dawn $7,500
Lazarus Sold
Echo Sold