Sculptors at Work

Sculptors at Work: Interviews About the Creative Process by Victor M. Cassidy is now out!

“In this book of original interviews, sculptors describe their creative process–what they do and how they do it. Some of the 22 sculptors are internationally known while others have regional reputations; interviewees include Bruce Beasley, Lynda Benglis, John Henry and Dennis Oppenheim. Each artist has compelling things to say: personal goals, where ideas come from and how they’re transformed into sculpture, material selection, color and scale determinations, works in progress, obstacles, and creative maturation.”

It may have been all the way back in 2008 that Victor first asked to interview me for this project.  When I heard who else he would be speaking to, I couldn’t wait to have a copy in hand.  Many of the artists included have profoundly inspired me -it is truly an honor to be included in their company.