Sculpture News: Two Highs and a Low

The summer started off on a high note when I installed my sculpture Triple Spark at the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts. I’d never been to the museum before and was delighted to find a beautiful landscape filled with wonderful works. My piece is on long-term loan, with hopes that one day it will join their permanent collection.

Something new for me, I was excited to help my friend and fellow sculptor Karl Unnasch realize his vision of a 25’ tall illuminated stained glass bloodroot flower. I finished the steel fabrication on a tight deadline and got it to Karl so he could work his magic in time to permanently install it at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario, Canada. The result is simply stunning; check it out.

bloodroot detail

But then disaster struck. This is the message I sent out on Facebook a little over two weeks ago:

“Unfortunately, I have some terrible news to report… I had a horrible lawnmower accident Sunday. In a moment of inexplicable carelessness, I reached in to clear an obstruction without actually turning the blades off. The good news is it was my left hand and my thumb is okay. The bad news is I lost all four fingertips to the joint.

“Given the number of difficult and/or dangerous things I’ve done successfully over the years, this is devastating and, frankly, embarrassing. I am proud of how calmly my whole family reacted in the immediate aftermath in helping to get me to the emergency room quickly. I’m doing okay, if a bit tired. I’m grateful I wasn’t home alone.

“Undoubtedly, this will make work, and life, harder for me. Much of my identity has been linked to working well with my hands, so I know this will be a difficult transition. It will take a fair bit of time to recover, and to figure out workarounds, but eventually I look forward to making beautiful things again someday.”

I am recovering rather quickly and appreciate all the concern and well wishes I’ve received. Thank you.