Signs of Spring

Spring is definitely on its way.  Even though it was an unnervingly mild winter, it’s still a pleasure to see the landscape awaken from dormancy.  I just thought I’d share a couple pictures as a nice diversion from the incessant grinding/digging.

My Nanking Bush Cherries are getting their first blooms.

One of my Scout Apricot trees is blooming as well.  These are admittedly a long-shot to fruit this far North, but I picked the trees up at a nursery closing late last year and decided to roll the dice.  I do love apricots… and hope springs eternal I guess.

Lastly, our new chicks arrived in the mail.  Half are Plymouth Barred Rock and the other half are Buff Orpingtons.  Currently they’re in our laundry room, and their contented, barely audible peeps are a nice addition to the household.