The Trees Are All In!

This strange weather did its best to hold me back, but I finally got all the trees in the ground.  I still need to mulch around 250 of them, but the important part is done.  Already I have a lot of buds breaking… very exciting!

A friend of mine just asked how I could possibly plant all those trees, and here is my reply…

My first pear blossoms.
My first pear blossoms.

The key is that I don’t actually plant 1000 trees, I plant one tree a thousand times.  And after you do that for a few years, two effects kick in… you get so good at it that it doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to, and when you see the effects of what you did a few years back start to mature, you can feel the wind at your back.  We now have our first pear blossoms from trees we planted 2 years back, and the first chokecherry and crabapple blossoms from bare-root trees I planted three years ago.  They were barely 2′ tall then, and now they’re around 5.

I look out and visualize what all this work will look like matured and am proud.  This is my protest.  My very own carbon sequestration program in a world so corrupt and decadent that the act of planting a tree is revolutionary.