Two New Artifact Sculptures

As promised, two more Artifact sculptures…

Bronze sculpture artifacts
New Artifact sculptures

You can see the natural tendency for these sculptures to “grow” – Artifact VII is more than twice as big as some earlier ones.  In general, I hope to constrain that expansion, but sometimes you just have to work in the scale that feels best, as revealed by the actual making of the piece.

For more information on this series, check here.  These will probably be the last for a while.  I have some other projects to work on and a large piece I want to begin.  But I will eventually get back to them because I think they are such a beautiful and exciting series.

Just a reminder, if you have your eye on one of these for a Christmas gift, get in touch with me before Thursday the 13th.  Happy Holidays!

Artifacts sculptures
Artifact VI, h14.5″ x w8″ x d3″

Artifact Sculpture 7 by SculptorSam Spiczka

Artifact VII, h22.5″ x w8.25″ x d4.5″