Jacob’s Ladder II in Progress

Here’s a shot of what’s on the table today.  A new ladder piece, I’ll probably title it Jacob’s Ladder II, though that’s not set in stone.

This one is a bit tricky.  It stands 10′ tall (it’s laying sideways, that’s the bottom on the right) and mostly likely will weigh in at around 225 lbs.  The trouble with that is I’ll look at it and think, “I can lift that… sure I can.”  A piece just a bit larger would clearly require two people or heavy equipment, but this one is right on the edge.

Precision movement plus heavy weight equals risk.  You have to balance everything.

And if you’re wondering, “doesn’t that seem a little unsafe standing that tall on such a small footprint?”  you would be right.  I will be bolting it to a 4′ round base plate for displaying outdoors.