Sculpture Stolen

I just got back from the Uptown Art Fair this weekend in Minneapolis where, along with several other artists, I had a work stolen from my booth on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I guess it could have been worse, another sculptor had four pieces stolen, but it’s still a punch in the gut.  (This was within 75 feet or so of a police camera by the way.  They’ll review the tape on Monday, but the fact that this did not deter the criminal is astounding.)

Standing around with some other artists afterwards, we were wondering what was possibly going through the mind of the thief.  What are you going to say, a year down the line when someone comments on that nice sculpture or painting in your apartment?  “Hey, thanks!  Yeah, I stole that last year, isn’t it awesome?!”  That sculpture of mine you ripped off not only represents lost income for me and my family, but it represented a couple weeks of dedicated effort, the culmination of over 20 years of studied practice.  I doubt you would understand.

But I guess you wanted it, so what else could you do?  Take a picture (like I actually encourage people to do)?  Save up your money and buy it?  Discuss a payment plan that works for both of us (which I’m also happy to do)?  Nope, you chose instead the most cowardly route possibly.  Did it feel good to sneak around in the dark?  I doubt it—I suspect your stomach was turning the whole time, your head on a swivel on the lookout for witnesses.  That should have been a clue that you were doing something wrong.

I suspect there is no justice in this world, so I hold out little hope for your capture.  But I do believe in redemption, so feel free to mail all the works back to their rightful owners and you will have taken the first steps on the right path.  If you choose not to, lucky for me, I also believe in revenge—so I hope one day an acquaintance rats you out for some wrong you’ve done them.  In that case, let me help by providing a picture of my sculpture.  It was a beautiful little thing.  Fabricated Cor-ten steel, standing 30” tall and painted silver, images of it taken in-progress are below.  If anyone, anywhere, sees this sculpture, please contact the authorities.